About The Book of Jane

Book_of_Jane_1Jane Browne Barrett grows up in a home where her parents both work in the family business, dry cleaning. Like her older brother, Jane has to work there, and she feels she is missing something by doing so. She comes to resent her preoccupied parents and can’t wait to escape her “crumby” hometown. “Getting through high school is so hard when you’re not…anything,” she tells us, an admission to her low self-esteem.

​Following her high school graduation, two girlfriends invite her to move to Lansing, Michigan, where they are attending Michigan State University. Although Jane never furthers her academic education, there she begins a journey in the ol’ “school of hard knocks.” Almost immediately she begins a relationship with Bob Barrett. The relationship moves quickly, and she finds herself pregnant. They marry and begin a troubled twenty-some years together. When her suspicions about her husband’s lack of character can no longer be denied, she leaves him to start a new life. However, her new life presents challenges she is not prepared to face.

​Deciding to pen her memoir, Jane puts her life out there for all to see. We learn a lot about her family struggles and her internal struggle for self-acceptance.

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